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On Trinity Sunday it is valuable to ponder the wonder of the Trinity. Christian.Art posted this illumination by Jean Fouquet. It causes me to question who is who. The three figures enthroned are Father, Son and Spirit. But which is which? Clothed in white, are they all the same? Reading art can be a challenge and I hope to investigate this image more. However, as I look at this image, I hear God speak to me. I am caught up with a cloud of witnesses whose focal point in the Triune God. As my eye is drawn into the focal point of Father, Son and Holy Spirit I am fascinated and want to find out more. I am stirred to ask, do I know these divine Persons? Do they all blur into one another in my mind? Remaining in this space, dwell… and allow yourself to be drawn in. Sense being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses praising and honouring Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Trinity in its Glory, Illumination by Jean Fouquet, Illustration in the Hours of Etienne Chevalier, Executed circa 1445, Painting on vellum, © Musée Condé, Chantilly, France

Creative Response?

Who is who?

An instinctive response to this image would be to explore the three figures. Use the base white clothing as a blank canvas. Try printing out the image and adding colour to ponder and express each person of the Trinity. Andri Rublev consciously choose to dress each figure in his 5th Century icon of the Trinity in specific colours. See video below.

Trinity Explored

I explore the Icon of the Trinity by Rublev in this weeks Trinity Sunday reflection. Section starts at 4:15min.

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