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Elijah 1: Wind, Earthquake, Fire – Artrage 6 digital painting by Revd Tom Studman
Elijah 2: Sheer Silence – Artrage 6 digital painting by Revd Tom Studman

After encountering the wind, earthquake and fire Elijah wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. In this second painting I imagined Elijah stretching out His arms. He was standing in wonder, praising God for the beauty of the silence in which he had sensed the Lord’s powerful presence. I pray we may all encounter the sheer silence of God in this season of pandemic. May you sense the purity of the peace God gives us.

Creative response?

Stand on the mountain before the Lord

Maybe you imagine that Elijah was standing out on the mountain observing the wind, earthquake and fire. Explore using the space I have edited into this image, to create your own art response to this story. As you spend time making, may you enjoy the company of God and encounter the pure silence of His presence.

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