My Name is Rev’d Tom Studman based in Manchester Diocese. I started this website to explore and celebrate the way we can encounter God through the visual arts. Having spent time in Theological College writing my dissertation on the Theology of Human Art Making I am confident that through looking at Christian art and making art in response to God’s word we can encounter God. Our faith can be nurtured and we can grow into a more intimate relationship with the Triune God.

Why lookandhear.art?

Inspired by Habakkuk 2:1, this site explores how we can hear God speak as we prayerfully look at visual art and make art. The ancient prophets stood upon watchtowers set apart from people, in readiness to hear the voice of God and seize the meaning. We too can set ourselves apart to look attentively at art and hear God’s voice. We can also read God’s word and create artwork, seizing and expressing what God says to us through scripture.

Responding to Artwork

I painted this picture in response to spending time looking at ‘The Risen Christ at Emmaus’, a mosaic composition by John Piper (1903-1992). As I looked, God spoke to me. For me I captured what I heard God say in a new image. I hope to use this site to blog look and hear responses to art like this. Other blog posts will be a more text based response to an artwork – click to see an example.

Creative Response Ideas

Either in response to art or scripture the lookandhear.art blog will share a creative response idea as part of most blog entries. These may kick start your creativity, making art or mark making as part of your journey of faith. Having lead a Creative Prayer group I have experienced the benefits of exploring our faith through the visual arts and making art to capture what God says to us.

Responding to images all around

God speaks to us when we are attentive to the beauty of the world around us. I was captivated recently by an open fire. I snapped a series of images and reviewed them. This one with a winged form in the flames caused me to sense God’s presence. The photo enabled me to ponder His protection. I hope to blog some of these stories and provide opportunities for you to tell your stories and share you photos and art making.

Sharing Resources

There are lots of resources that are really helpful to those who may want to encounter God through the visual arts. The resource page lists those resources which I value that you may also find helpful in your faith journey or ministry.

Looking and Hearing Together

Join the adventure of looking and hearing what God might be saying to us as we use our eyes to engage in the beauty of art and creation.

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