Visual Prayer

During lock down we have been producing online worship for our church community, This has been well received by those in the parish and beyond. The online video based method of communicating has opened up the visual element to worship to us in new ways. I had the opportunity to lead two Sundays at the beginning of August. The intercessions were a great opportunity to add some visual media to support and shape our prayer. Watch the prayers below.

I particularly enjoyed producing this film to aid our worship because of the collaborative element. Many of you have enjoyed photography during lock down. Facebook is a place we often share. One member of our congregation took these photos and gave me permission to use them. They were atmospheric and became perfect space holders for our prayers. Images that hold us and keep us in a space of worship, adoration and prayer are great.

Creative Response

Why not explore through your image gallery and select some photos that prompt a prayer response. Or pick up your phone and head out on a prayer walk. Pray for encounters with scenes in the world around us that speak to you concerning our life of faith. God will often reveal Himself through creation, so be open to meeting with our Lord through a view. Capture it on camera then create a video or slideshow. PowerPoint can be used to create a simple slideshow or video file based on your slides. Or use some video editing software. I use a OpenShot which is free and very effective.